# video | Boeing successfully tested the Starliner spacecraft parachutes

SpaceX has already conducted an unmanned missionCrew Dragon ship in March 2019, and is now preparing for a manned launch. A similar plan is followed by Boeing and its Starliner ship, but it is not in a hurry - the test flight to the International Space Station will take place no earlier than August, and the manned mission is scheduled for the end of the year. At the moment she is conducting ground tests - for example, she recently tested the operability of parachutes for the safe descent of a capsule with a crew to Earth.

Judging by the video, the test has been prettysmoothly - all the parachutes opened, and the capsule gently landed in the right place. It is known that in addition to parachutes, a safe return to the ground she will provide a one-time thermal protection and pillows, which are activated at the final stage of landing. Boeing representatives emphasize that thanks to all this, the Starliner capsule will be able to descend directly onto the earth's expanse. Recall that most of the analogues are launched.

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The capsule can be transported to Earth orbitboth cargo and crew of seven. With all this, the device will be reusable and will withstand up to 10 missions. For their implementation there is almost everything you need, up to the wireless Internet.

The Starliner spacecraft has severalanalogues, among which are the Russian Federation spacecraft, the Orion spacecraft from Lockheed Martin and, of course, the SpaceX Dragon V2. At the moment, they are all at the development stage and are thoroughly tested before their test flights. At the beginning of 2019, SpaceX was particularly active, and faced many problems - its capsule had already managed to explode and crash on the ground due to an unopened parachute.

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