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# video | Biologists first saw the largest cluster of sea turtles

In 2010, off the coast of the Neptune Islands in SouthAustralia was seen by a large group of white sharks. In the course of many years of research, scientists found that predators gather in this place almost every year, but still have not been able to understand what exactly their regular association is connected with. In fact, such clusters of marine life is not something special. Recently, in the Costa Rica State National Wildlife Refuge, biologists managed to film a group of more than 5,000 sea turtles. According to National Geographic, scientists have never been able to observe such a large concentration of amphibians. However, while the formation of white shark groups even today remains a big mystery for biologists, they understand the reason for the formation of large tortoise groups.

The mass of olive turtles reaches 45 kilograms

The author of the video is a marine biologistVanessa Bezi She shot unique footage with a drone in 2016, but published a video only a couple of years later. According to her, on an area the size of 1000 football fields, she was able to observe the swimming of more than 5000 sea turtles. Most likely, in fact, there were much more of them, because individuals that swim under the surface of the sea surface did not get into the frame. There may be several reasons for the formation of such a group of turtles, but the biologist believes that they gathered to protect their offspring.

As a rule, turtles massively land on land to lay eggs

Protect yourself from predators by forming largegroups are able to many inhabitants of our planet, even insects. For example, the so-called bombardier beetles always rest together, so that in case of danger they sprinkle hot chemical mixture into the enemy. To replenish the supply of caustic matter, they need at least a day, therefore, being in the group, insects have the ability to protect the recovering individuals.

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How does humanity kill animals?

In general, the main reason for their reductionWe are with you. The greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere from factories and cars lead to a gradual increase in the temperature of the planet, and the reproduction of these animals directly depends on environmental conditions. At the end of 2018, we already mentioned that females usually hatch from eggs lying in the warm sand, but cool conditions are necessary for the birth of males. So, if in the future the temperature of our planet rises a little more, turtles simply will not be able to find cold places for laying eggs. Subsequently, the males will not be enough for females to mate, which means that sea turtles will die out.

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In addition, do not forget about poachers,who are not averse to catching adults and collecting their eggs for further sale on the black market. At the moment, the authorities of many countries restrict or completely prohibit hunting for this type of turtles and protect the beaches, which may be potential places for laying their eggs.