# video | 3D printer for fast and seamless printing using light

Today there are a bunch of different3D printers, but their developers still could not solve their main drawback. The fact is that most of them put the material layer by layer, which is why ugly stitches are left on the printed item. It seems that a group of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley found a solution - she proposed to print the entire object at once, in a manner reminiscent of the work of an MRI CT scanner.

A printer that prints in such an unusual way.called "Replicator". It is named after the fantastic device from the Star Trek series that prints objects, food and anything from virtually nothing. At the very beginning of the printing process, he studies a computerized 3D model and creates many two-dimensional photographs from all sides. The researchers then turn on an ordinary projector and project light images onto the surface of a rotating flask with a special resin.

This resin is called acrylate, and consists ofliquid polymers, dissolved oxygen and photosensitive molecules. The light emitted by the projector activates sensitive molecules, which subsequently deplete oxygen to certain areas of the resin. Molecular bonds are formed in the liquid polymer and it turns into a solid. The remaining liquid resin is drained and can be used for the subsequent printing of objects.

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At the moment, "Replicator" can printonly small figures - the size of the “Thinker” figure printed on the video is only 1 cm. But the technology prints the entire object at once, therefore no seams are formed on its surface. The technology even allows you to print on top of other solid objects — for example, you can print a screwdriver handle this way.

According to senior author study HeydenTaylor, their technology will be useful for printing medical prostheses and even elements of clothing. And for printing what items would you use this printer? Write your answers in the comments or in our Telegram-chat!