Very soon, astronomers will show the black hole of the Milky Way (3 photos)

April 10 in the world of astronomy will happenlong-awaited event that can significantly expand the knowledge of man about space. The European Southern Observatory (ESO) announced the showing of the first photo of the black hole event horizon.

Getting a photo of a black hole is very difficult. First, the nearest objects are from the Earth at a distance of many light years. Secondly, the nature of black holes is such that they do not release from the event horizon not only material objects, but also light waves. The event horizon is a theoretical boundary that delineates the area of ​​no return for light emission.

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Since 2017, scientists from ESO have been monitoringthe closest black hole to our planet is Sagittarius A *, which is “only” at a distance of 25 thousand light years (this is the center of our Milky Way galaxy). The experiment involved almost all of the most powerful telescopes of the Earth, combined into one giant unit.

During the observation was collected hugethe amount of information that was then sent to the Haystack Observatory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy (Germany). In these institutions, information was processed on supercomputers.

There is currently no decentimages of a black hole or event horizon, because the photographs so far received were not of sufficiently high resolution. It is hoped that the EHT will change this situation and on April 10 it will provide researchers with a clear image showing the horizon of events and the shadow of a black hole.