Valve's Steam Link Anywhere lets you play your games from anywhere

Valve announced that it is expanding its functionstreaming Steam Link games on a large scale, turning it into Steam Link Anywhere, a new service that will allow you to broadcast Steam games from your computer to anywhere in the world using equipment or the Steam Link application. This is a big change from the existing Steam Link application, which allowed people to broadcast games only from home. The new extension makes Steam Link a powerful feature - in conjunction with an Android app (alas, the iOS app is still blocked by Apple).

In theory, Steam Link Anywhere will allow users to stream games from their PC and play wherever there is Internet.

What is Steam Link Anywhere

According to Valve, Steam Link Anywhere is inearly beta, but people can already try out the service by downloading the beta version of 688 on your gaming PC. The company claims that the only requirement for Steam Link Anywhere is a good connection to download to the host’s computer and a good connection on the device you are playing from.

Currently working with Steam Link AnywhereOnly Android, Raspberry Pi and outdated Steam Link hardware, but it is easy to imagine that Steam will have a similar function for broadcasting from one PC to another, as already suggested with home Steam Link.

The moment of announcement is also important: Steam lays the foundation for streaming games directly ahead of GDC 2019, where Google is expected to complete work on its new streaming gaming service based on Project Stream. Google is expected to have big plans for streaming games - perhaps the company is announcing its own gaming hardware.

Google is not the only Steam competitor. Microsoft also showed a completely new home broadcast service from a PC to the Xbox console, which in many ways resembles Steam Link in terms of existing functionality. Microsoft’s upcoming xCloud games streaming service seems ready to challenge Steam and Google in a wider gaming stream space.

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