Vaccine against Alzheimer's disease was successfully tested (3 photos)

Millions of people around the world suffer from the diseaseAlzheimer's, a progressive memory disorder resulting from the accumulation of tau protein in brain cells. Successful struggle with a terrible disease is a priority of modern medicine. Scientists from the University of New Mexico have developed and conducted the first animal tests that showed a positive result in the fight against the development of the disease.

As a result, Alzheimer's disease occursdeterioration of short-term and long-term memory, reduced cognitive functions, loss of orientation in space and impaired speech. A person becomes helpless and requires constant care and inspection. As the main cause of Alzheimer's disease, modern medicine has identified an excessive accumulation of tau protein, blocking the transport system within neurons, which subsequently causes depletion of the nervous system. Another cause of the disease is the accumulation of beta-amyloids - proteins that form plaques between neurons and disrupt the normal functioning of cells.

Specialists from New Mexico note thatThe vaccine created in their laboratory reduces the ability to accumulate tau protein and thus reduces the chance of developing Alzheimer's disease. Vaccination against terrible disease tested on mice. During the experiment, researchers found that vaccinated mice showed better results in labyrinth tests than other mice that did not receive the experimental drug.

The accumulation of tau protein in the cerebral cortex of micevaccinated with an experimental drug was significantly lower than that of ordinary animals. However, the most striking thing is that the "infected" cells of mice began to produce antibodies that cleanse the body of excess tau protein.

The tests are at a very early stage, so now it’s still extremely early to talk about drugs for treating Alzheimer's in humans.