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Using hair dyes increases your risk of developing breast cancer

According to historical data, women begandye your hair in other colors more than three thousand years ago. However, if in ancient times natural substances like Chinese cinnamon or leek were used as hair dyes, today artificial dyes are used for this purpose. Many already know that coloring agents deprive hair of natural beauty, but in addition, they can cause much more serious consequences. For example, recently, scientists from the National Institute of Health found that lovers often change their hair color often develop breast cancer. But how did the researchers come to this conclusion?

Hair dye can be life threatening.

The research was told by the scientificMedical Xpress, citing the International Journal of Cancer. As part of the scientific work, scientists studied data on more than 46,000 women aged 35 to 74 years. All of them were united by the fact that from 2003 to 2009 they were participants in a study called Sister Study, the purpose of which was to identify the causes of breast cancer. The participants were also united by the fact that they had sisters with this type of cancer, but they themselves did not suffer from this terrible disease.

Why is hair dyeing dangerous?

Before you talk about the resultsstudies, it should be clarified that hair dyes are divided into at least four types. The so-called “volatile” paint is washed off the head at the first shower or bath. Means for direct dyeing stay on the hair until about the sixth shampoo, and semi-permanent paints can last a whole month. The record retention time on the hair belongs to permanent dyes, which penetrate deep into the hair and are not washed off.

Hair dyes are divided into four types

It is the last, permanent look of hair dyesand is considered the most dangerous to women's health. After examining the available data, scientists found that the likelihood of developing breast cancer among lovers of permanent hair dyes is 9% higher than all others. According to researchers, the increased risk is associated with the fact that the composition of such funds includes substances that disrupt the human endocrine system. And she, by the way, plays a large role in the work of internal organs with the help of hormones secreted by endocrine cells.

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The researchers also studied the effects onthe body of women is another type of hair product, namely chemical straighteners. These products are applied to the head and rubbed thoroughly while they are passed through the hair with a special straightening iron. It turned out that these products are even more harmful than paints - women who use them with a frequency of 5-8 weeks increase the risk of cancer by as much as 30%. So what to do?

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According to scientists, to reduce the likelihooddevelopment of breast cancer, women should look at the temporary colors or completely abandon their use. In addition, they noted that a deadly disease can occur due to many other reasons. For example, the risk also increases with insufficient rest and work at night.