US State Department urges to block accounts of officials of countries with Internet censorship

Countries with totalitarian power are constantly strugglingwith free thinking on the Internet, blocking the possibility of free access for citizens to international resources broadcasting information other than official.

The last such example was output blocking.on the Internet for the bulk of Iranian users related to protests in the country. However, for the political elite, the ruling political class, access to the international Internet remained open.

In this regard, representatives of the US Department of Statecalled on the leading social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to block in turn the accounts of the ruling elite of Iran. US authorities point to the hypocrisy of the Iranian authorities, which blocked access to information for ordinary citizens, and freely use their accounts on social networks.

US officials called for a block on Facebook,Instagram and Twitter of the spiritual leader (Ali) Khamenei, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Mohammad Javad) Zarif and President (Hassan) Rouhani, until the country has restored free access to the Internet for all users.

Currently, protests in Iran caused by a rise in price for gasoline continue. Iranian authorities block the Internet to conceal the extent and consequences of unrest in the country.

Source: ria