US sanctions against Huawei postponed (2 photos)

White House administration sent officialletter to the US Congress. It says the suspension of a number of sanctions against the Chinese company Huawei. Implement the planned mass restrictions plan in 2 years.

The letter came from the Department of Management and BudgetThe White House was sent to Senator James Inhofe. He heads the Senate Armed Services Committee. The report says that the Division of Management and Budget will need more time to implement these sanctions. After all, contractors and suppliers will be required to restrict purchases and use of equipment from Huawei. It is noted that the Congress understands how important it is to execute the law within 2 years. The letter promised to meet the deadlines. There is hope that there will be no further delays in progress. And all unforeseen questions will be solved in cooperation with the Congress.

It is worth recalling that the US Ministrysince May 15, Huawei has been listed on its black list. This was done after Donald Trump imposed a national state of emergency. He is allegedly associated with "threats to information technology." The states also called on Canada and European allies not to use Huawei equipment. This request was explained by the likelihood of problems with the information security of countries, but the Chinese side is confident that the reasons for such zealous activity of the United States are different. Meanwhile, the company that fell into disgrace is diligently developing its own replacement for the Windows and Android operating systems.