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US residents suspected of developing a nuclear reactor in the garage of their home

In mid-2019, in the wake of popularitythe Chernobyl series, we wrote about the existence of at least ten nuclear reactors in Russia and spoke about their level of safety. But did you know that there is a danger in the world that such reactors can be created by beginning chemists right in the garage of their own house? Rescue services are aware of this danger, so it is not surprising that after a call to build such a reactor in the US state of Ohio, they had to evacuate residents of at least 40 houses. The inventor himself announced the creation of the device, who in a call to 911 reported receiving burns and mentioned the terms "alpha waves" and "particle accelerator".

The creator of the "nuclear reactor" will be tested for mental health

The incident shared the details of the incident.Daily Mail. A call to the emergency rescue service came on December 5, at about 18:15 pm from a resident of the area called Chippenhook. The identity of the caller is not disclosed, but it is known that he informed the rescuers about the burns that he received during the development of the “quantum physics generator”. In the course of further conversation, the man said that he had developed a thermonuclear reactor and particle accelerator, whose alpha waves burned him. Rescuers came to the conclusion that in Ohio there was a strong radiation leak and immediately rushed to the rescue.

After calling the rescue service, the man’s neighbors had to be evacuated

Is it possible to create a nuclear reactor yourself?

Rescuers informed the incident of experts onnuclear weapons, deminers and bomb engineers, and the area soon in potential danger was cordoned off. Residents of nearby 40 houses were urgently evacuated, and the garage, which could contain a nuclear reactor, was hacked. However, instead of a radioactive device in the home laboratory, only something was discovered to store an electric charge, which is not much different from a conventional capacitor.

The identity of the creator of the "nuclear reactor" is not disclosed, but here is a photograph

Upon further inspection of the garage, no otherNo dangerous objects were found and people were allowed to return to their homes. The man who made the call to the rescue service was taken by ambulance to be examined for the presence of mental illness. If he does not have any problems with his psyche, he will face a large fine for causing panic or even imprisonment. As for his physical health, he is almost completely healthy - the burn from the capacitor was not strong, and the test for radiation exposure turned out to be completely negative.

Do you know about the existence of pacemakers with an integrated nuclear reactor?

Homemade nuclear reactor created in the USA

However, the rescuers took the very rightdecision, immediately leaving the scene. The fact is that in history there is one case when a young chemist assembled in the basement of his house a really working reactor with radiation that is 1000 times higher than usual. The inventor of the device was the 17-year-old David Khan, who from early childhood tried to independently obtain all the elements from the periodic table using components of household appliances. It came to the point that in 1995 he began to receive even radioactive particles.

David Khan and his laboratory

Realizing that he created a truly radioactivedevice, the guy tried to bury him in the forest, which caused the suspicion of the police. Ultimately, his invention was buried in a nuclear waste dump, and his parents were fined $ 60,000 to cover the costs.

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In the future, an already matured chemist managedto be depressed, to serve in the American army, to serve 3 months in prison after suspicion of developing a new reactor, and to be tested for an obsession. David Khan eventually died in 2016 from alcohol poisoning.