US prohibits carrying laptops Apple

In order to ensure safetyPassenger Aircraft The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has introduced a ban on the transport of certain Apple MacBook Pro models. This precaution is triggered by a message from Apple itself about the risk of overheating and even ignition of certain laptop models.

It is noteworthy that the ban applies not only tohand luggage, but also luggage. The limitation applies to MacBook Pro models with a 15-inch screen size, which were sold from mid-2015 to February 2017. Currently, four U.S. airlines have already implemented the FAA ban and are strictly monitoring MacBook Pro laptops carried on airplanes.

Meanwhile, the FAA noted that thisthe restriction is only a warning about the need to comply with the standard rules of air transportation, according to which devices with batteries that were withdrawn by the manufacturer from sale due to operational risks are prohibited for carriage.

In June 2019, Apple urgently recalleda batch of laptops due to the risk of explosion or fire caused by overheating of the batteries. The company assumed the cost of replacing defective batteries.

The warning applies to a limited batch of MacBook Pros that have gone on sale from a certain period. To replace, just send your laptop to a service center and wait 2 weeks.

Manufacturer Apple declined to reportthe cause of problems with battery overheating. However, the company informed that the problem affected only part of the MacBook Pro series. It is visually impossible to identify dangerous laptops, for this you need to check their serial numbers via the Internet.

Previously, sanctions against aircraft gadgets were imposed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in 2016. Then passengers were asked not to charge devices on airplanes and not to put them in baggage.

Source: thehill