US prepares hacker retaliation against Russia

The Biden administration plans to strengthen measures topreventing cyber attacks from China and Russia that infiltrate corporate and government computer systems. This is reported in an article by The New York Times, dedicated to the US plans to take active measures against large-scale hacker attacks on US government agencies and corporations, committed last year by alleged cybercriminals from Russia, and this year - from China.

According to officials, the first major stepExpected over the next three weeks, it will be a series of covert activities on Russian networks that should be "evident to President Vladimir Putin, his intelligence services and military, but not to the rest of the world." In addition, the US presidential administration plans to impose additional economic sanctions against Russia.

It is assumed that the American reaction was caused bya successful cyber attack on the Ministry of Finance by hackers with links to Russian security agencies. Countermeasures against similar moves by China, in which the Hafnium hacker group infiltrated Microsoft's mail systems used by small businesses and local governments on March 2, are under development. Microsoft experts identified the attackers as a state-sponsored Chinese group and promptly released an update to fix the vulnerability.