US pilots have confirmed that they saw UFOs. Is it true?

Humanity is trying to find evidencethe existence of aliens from ancient times. The description of the “flying saucer” can be found even in ancient Indian literature, and there’s nothing to say about the modern world - if you turn on the TV, a whole bunch of stories will pour on you about mysterious encounters with unidentified flying objects. You may be surprised, but meetings with mysterious objects really happen and even the US military officially assures of this. However, our problem is that we immediately identify the abbreviation of UFOs with aliens, while it is most often not associated with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Military pilots claim to have seen a UFO

Around December 2017, in The NewspaperYork Times and other foreign publications began publishing articles about online videos merged with unidentified flying objects. The videos were filmed by the U.S. Navy and published on YouTube under the names Gimbal and GoFast. It is reported that they should not have leaked to the Internet, but somehow still leaked to the Web and became available to everyone.

Aliens caught in the video?

A recording titled "Gimbal" was made in 2004year off the coast of California pilots aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. The second video, entitled “GoFast,” was filmed in 2015 off the East Coast with the F / A-185F fighter’s camera. In both cases, unidentified objects caught in the frame performed maneuvers that none of the currently existing aircraft can perform. But what is it? Are military pilots collided with alien ships?

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According to the official representativeUS Naval Forces Joseph Gradischer, the pilots were unlikely to encounter aliens, but were dealing with something else. But with what exactly - at the moment no one can answer. The military did not begin to call the seen phenomenon unidentified flying objects, because many people associate this term with aliens. Instead, they called the mysterious craft flying in the air "unidentified aerial phenomena."

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Evidence of the existence of aliens

Many people believe that the Ministry of DefenseThere are many similar videos in the United States that indicate military encounters with unidentified flying objects. The leak of these two videos only proves that the ministry has been studying mysterious phenomena for a long time, but does not disclose the results of its research.

Photo of “Zone 51” from space

Ultimately, all this mystery seriouslyInterested in the US. In the summer of 2019, 33-year-old Facebook user Mattie Roberts jokingly suggested that people storm the guarded military base “Zone 51”, which supposedly stores data on aliens. The proposal quickly lost its comic character and starting from September 19, more than 3 million people want to storm the zone hoping that the military will not be able to stop a huge crowd of people. Representatives of "Zone 51", in turn, warned that they were allowed to open fire.

The same Matty Roberts whose joke went too far

It is known that people interested in stormingSecret base, will gather at two festivals under the names "Alienstock" and "Storm Area 51 Basecamp" in Nevada, where the military facility is located. Nobody knows how serious the intentions of the people are, but the local authorities have prepared for emergency situations.

Why haven’t we met aliens yet? There are scientific explanations for this.

Are there any aliens in Zone 51?

Perhaps lovers of conspiracy theoriesthey will waste time and risk their lives because the Zone 51 base may be completely unrelated to aliens. Initially, in the mid-20th century, it was used to test the Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. The association with aliens stuck to it only in 1980, when physicist Bob Lazar blabbed during his television appearance that he had been invited to Zone 51 to reproduce the technology of an alien aircraft.

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