US military intends to create orbital laser weapons (3 photos)

US Department of Defense representatives askedthe government has 304 million dollars. They want to finance the development of beam beams, lasers and other innovative missile defense technologies.

Testing the orbital beam rays want in 2023year More powerful lasers are also being developed, as well as other advanced technologies designed to serve as missile defense in the future. This is done in order to counter the Chinese, Russian, North Korean and Iranian missiles.

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With the help of satellites equipped with megawattwith lasers, the authors of the project plan to disable enemy missiles that are departing from the launch. Results of preliminary testing should be obtained within six months. The rockets will be destroyed by beam rays consisting of subatomic particles. The latter will move at a speed almost equal to the speed of light.

As stated by the US Department of Defense,technological advances have reduced the cost and size of cosmic particle emitters. Over time, the dimensions of the entire installation with a generator and other elements will allow it to be delivered to orbit with other payloads.

Earlier it was reported that Russia and China alsoworking on space weapons. It may be in orbit next year. Experts fear that all this may escalate the conflict and lead to the Star Wars option in the race tech format.