US is exploring the possibility of using an exoskeleton for the infantryman (2 photos)

Modern high-tech standardthe combat equipment of the infantryman is quite massive and makes it difficult to move the soldier during the execution of the combat mission. To solve this problem, the US Army is studying the use of a mechanical exoskeleton, which allows a fighter to maintain performance when carrying massive combat and related equipment over long distances.

One of the items of equipment for soldiers of the futureDephy ExoBoot exoboots being tested in the laboratory of the American army may become, the test results of which will allow to develop an optimal algorithm for adapting a fighter to wearing an exoskeleton.

The experimental Dephy ExoBoot ankle boots are equipped withits own autonomous computer, capable of recording data received from 40 mechanical sensors fixed in various parts of the body, and 128 electroencephalographic electrode sensors attached to the fighter's head. The data is studied and analyzed by an algorithm with elements of machine learning.

At the first stage of the study, scientists wishto find out the possibility of using an exoskeleton to reduce the physical load on a fighter when carrying weight. The ultimate goal of the experiment of military scientists is to create conditions for the integration of artificial intelligence into the equipment of a modern infantryman, which increases its effectiveness during dangerous combat missions.