US Congress calls Apple to account for FaceTime incident (3 photos)

US lawmakers once againdemonstrate commitment to privacy and privacy policies. The problem with privacy violations in the FaceTime group call system, despite its removal in the iOS 12.1.4 update, can cause Apple a lot of trouble.

Congressional Energy and Commerce CommitteeHe asked Tim Cook, who heads Apple, to clarify the situation with the late reaction to the notification of the confidentiality problem. This message came from Grant Thompson (14 years old) and his mother Michelle.

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In writing, the Congress Committee sent Cookrequest with the requirement of the answer when exactly in the company it became known about the technical problems violating confidentiality of users. Also, lawmakers wondered if this issue was known before the Thompson report and why the corporation took so much time to troubleshoot the application. Congressmen want to know about all the currently existing errors in Apple devices related to the use of microphones and cameras. Members of the congress are also interested in compensation for the damage already caused to users from errors in FaceTime.

Earlier, Grant Thompson’s mother, Michelle, said thatCould not get through to Apple technical support to report a problem. Therefore, in order to focus the company's attention on the issue of confidentiality, she posted a video on YouTube. The incident has already led to the fact that Apple completely reorganizes the alert system about the detected errors, so that it becomes easier for customers to notify the manufacturer about the found vulnerabilities and shortcomings in their products.