US authorities urged responsible parties not to impede the spread of the Internet in Russia

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said US authorities are urging responsible parties not to shut down

Internet in Russia, so that Russian citizenswere able to access information from all over the world. He also appealed to the responsible parties not to arrange blackouts so that the Internet in Russia remains free, accessible and continues to work. A proposal from Ukraine to the international non-profit organization ICANN to disable DNS servers in Russia was refused. At the same time, a number of individual organizations have taken steps to disable Russian providers. Thus, the LINX traffic exchange point in London disconnected Rostelecom and MegaFon from its services. The same practice was applied by one of the American backbone providers, Cogent, while another provider from the United States, Cloudflare, on the contrary, said that Russians need to provide more access to the Internet.