US authorities bought a device for hacking iPhone (3 photos)

Grayshift based in Atlantaof the US state of Georgia, offers relatively inexpensive GrayKey devices designed to hack smartphones running iOS, up to the latest version of iOS 11. According to information received from open sources of the public procurement system, journalists concluded that the US State Department purchased a product from this manufacturer. in the category of "computer and peripheral equipment". The deal was concluded for 15 thousand dollars, more details were not reported, however, reporters learned that it was the device or software of the GrayKey class that was purchased to crack the iPhone.

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Grayshift releases two versions of GrayKey. The first type is an online version, designed for 300 unlocks and it costs 15 thousand dollars. The second type of GrayKey is a standalone offline device and costs $ 30 thousand. A rectangular box with dimensions of 5x10x10 cm to which two iPhones can be connected using Lightning cables. Smartphones are connected for two minutes. Then they can be disabled, the device independently conducts the selection of the user-defined code. Hacking a password takes from two hours to several weeks depending on its complexity.

It is known that Russian law enforcement officersacquire software and equipment for hacking smartphones from the Israeli company Cellebrite, which is priced somewhat more expensive than the company Grayshift.