US Army tests augmented reality glasses with night vision

US Army Tests Military Versionsaugmented reality HoloLens from Microsoft, equipped with a night vision system. The gadget is planned to be used for training soldiers and increasing their effectiveness in combat conditions. The development was called IVAS (The Integrated Visual Augmentation System, Integrated System for Advanced Visual Tracking) and is part of a 480 million contract between the Pentagon and the technology giant, which Microsoft signed in early 2019.

The fact that Microsoft is going to concludePentagon contract became known in November 2018. According to information and analytical publications, the US military is going to purchase about 100,000 headsets. Their commissioning is planned in 2028.

In February of this year, the technology giantintroduced the HoloLens 2 headset, and the company's employees openly opposed the contract with the military. However, after a few days of hype, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella responded to an open letter to company employees, saying that Microsoft will continue to fulfill the contract.

According to ArmyTimes, the military received the firstHeadsets in March 2019. The headset uses the technology of the so-called mixed reality. Wearing glasses, the soldier still sees the real world, but an “user interface” is superimposed on the image with additional useful information.

When you turn on the headset shows a map of the area with the location of the user and all other members of the squad with IVAS.

The first tests of the device in the army showed that the map could distract the soldiers, so a strip with a compass was placed in the upper part.

The display also shows dynamic notes,for example, which side is ally or enemy. To aim the soldiers, it is enough to point the weapon at the enemy. In addition, the target designator is integrated into IVAS, which is also shown through the display.

Example of night vision work in IVAS

First time journalists allowed to trythe headset itself, noted that its use is similar to a computer game in the style of Call of Duty. For an ordinary person, this may indeed look like entertainment, but for soldiers in combat, information given by a headset can be vital, the military said.

It is reported that headset testingIt is planned to be carried out not only in combat conditions, but also for training soldiers using various scenarios. According to the military, in this case the use of the device will allow analyzing the actions of each soldier and improving his performance. For example, after a sweep training session at a training center, soldiers will see a report on their effectiveness collected by the IVAS system.

The system collects thorns statistics and reports on the effectiveness of each soldier.

The current version of the system has a flaw. Using a headset with helmets is not possible. However, the plans of the military - a serious modernization of the gadget and reducing its size to ordinary sunglasses.

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