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US accuses China of stealing coronavirus vaccine development

Sometimes it seems that coronavirus drives people crazy. This is not surprising against the background of how much quarantine you already have. A similar situation is happening around the world and something needs to be done. It is not surprising that the most anticipated and discussed discoveries in medicine are now associated with a vaccine against the infection that has infected several million people on our planet. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that creating such a vaccine is interesting for companies and governments not only because people can be saved this way. The vaccine will make a lot of money and a lot of political weight. Just imagine how everyone wants to be friends with someone who can cure them. Against this background, a struggle is unfolding, which sometimes leads to loud statements.

These two countries are now confronting each other almost more than the rest.

This week the FBI and the Agency forCybersecurity and infrastructure security said state-sponsored Chinese hackers are preparing cyber attacks against US researchers looking for information on vaccines from COVID-19. According to agencies, hackers are also trying to steal data related to testing people infected with coronavirus.

It was observed that these subjects tried to identifyand it is illegal to obtain valuable intellectual property and healthcare data related to vaccines and testing from those involved in research related to COVID-19, - joint warning says.

Agencies also said they would post more technical details about hacking attempts later.

In addition to warning about attempts by hacker attacks, departments recommended companies involved in development to strengthen data protection. They are advised to check all their systems for critical vulnerabilities and introduce multi-factor authentication foraccounts. It is worth preparing not only for the fact that the attacks will continue, but also for the fact that there will be even more of them. First of all, due to the fact that the press will voice many names and company names.

Rumor has it that hackers can do everything now.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke harshly enough regarding all this situation yesterday. Including his statements concerned the Chinese government.

The behavior of China in cyberspace is a continuation of its counterproductive actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, - said pompeo.

How hackers make money on coronavirus

Now there’s a lot of fraud in the world,based on people's fears of a coronavirus infection pandemic. This is successfully used not only by telephone scammers, but also by hackers. For example, according to the FBI, in the US alone in April, more than 3,600 complaints were filed against such scammers. As a result, they stole from the Americans more than $ 12 million.

Security researchers foundthat government-backed hackers are using cyber attacks to steal information from other countries. FireEye said Vietnam-sponsored hackers from Vietnam tried to get information from the Chinese government about how it copes with flash COVID-19.

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Reuters also reported that Iran-related hackers were targeting attacks against Gilead Sciences, a company that develops drugs against coronavirus.

In April, the World Health Organizationannounced a fivefold increase in the number of cyber attacks, while on May 5, the CISA, part of the US Department of Homeland Security, and the United Kingdom's National Cybersecurity Center issued a joint warning that hacker attacks targeted health organizations. According to government officials, the goals included pharmaceutical companies and researchers associated with the fight against COVID-19.

Whoever has the vaccine will have everything.

The U.S. government has accused Chinese hackers of other cyber attacks in the past, including "Massive theft" of data from NASA.

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Ministry of Justice said over 90percent of cases of economic espionage are related to China, including in medical research. So the governments of the countries involved are trying to get as much information as possible on how to deal with COVID-19. Google also said that it has been discovered more than a dozen hacker groups supported by governments that launched cyber attacks related to coronavirus.

Researchers note that the coronavirus vaccine is the key to economic recovery after a pandemic and that without it, forecasts promise hundreds of thousands of deaths from the disease.

China’s efforts in these sectors pose a serious threat to our country's response to COVID-19, - said on Wednesday CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency) and the FBI - This information is needed to raise the awareness of research institutes and the American public.

As everything really is, perhaps we are notwe’ll never know (and if we do, we’ll definitely tell you in our Telegram channel), but we must understand that the stakes are really very high and everyone will go to victory. Therefore, until everything is over, mutual accusations will regularly appear from different angles.