Urbanista launches solar-powered TWS earbuds

Urbanista has released True Wireless headphones that are powered by solar panels. Model

named Phoenix.The Exeger Powerfoyle panel is built into the headphone case and, according to the manufacturer, provides up to one hour of headphone operation with one hour of charging in the open sun. A fully charged earbuds can provide up to 8 hours of playback, and when paired with a fully charged case, the earphones will last up to 32 hours. The headphones mobile application allows you to adjust the equalizer and monitor the level of their charge. The headphones are IPX4 water resistant, support Bluetooth 5.2 and have a USB-C charging port. The headphones have active noise cancellation. The user can use the transparency mode to hear the surrounding space, and the manufacturer also talks about the ability to connect to two devices at the same time. The model will be available in black and pink and should be available before the end of the year for $149.