Upgraded modular laptop Framework laptop to appear in spring 2021 (3 photos)

Create fully retrofit modularMany leading technology companies have tried laptops that can be customized to suit individual needs and new features. So Intel's Compute Card project suffered a commercial failure, and the modular Ghost Canyon NUC created by the company in 2019 did not receive updated modules.

Alienware's original Area-51m laptop(a subsidiary of Dell) also did not receive the promised updates to processors and graphics cards in a year and was unable to realize the potential inherent in the project. Now San Francisco-based Framework company is entering the market, whose founder Nirav Patel points out the mistakes and miscalculations of predecessors and promises to create not only a customizable laptop, but also a companion ecosystem that allows computer owners to make regular upgrades.

Previously, Nirav Patel was one of the first workersOculus, who worked for Apple for a while, became disaffected by the consumer technology that powers the big firms. According to the founder of Framework, companies strive to create and sell "tons of equipment and then forget about it." As a result, the world produces many duplicate products with low efficiency, which ultimately harm the environment.

Patel's concept of customizable andThe Framework Laptop, a user-upgradeable modular laptop, is similar to the approach already used in the creation of modern desktops. At the same time, not only the laptop itself will be created, but also the Framework ecosystem, which allows for timely improvement of the computer with the provision of a large selection of component modules.

The base laptop model Framework Laptop will receivedisplay with a diagonal of 13.5 inches (2256x1504). The hardware of the computer will run on an 11th generation Intel processor with the ability to mount DDR4 RAM up to 64 GB. The main memory will be based on NVMe drives with a memory capacity of 4 TB or more. Also, the laptop will receive its own camera with a resolution of 1080p when shooting at 60 fps, a 55 Wh battery and an aluminum case. The base model weighs 1.3 kg.

Unlike other mainstream notebooks that can be upgraded to replace the RAM, main memory, and battery, the Framework Laptop has three advantages.

First of all, Patel assures that the ownersFramework Laptop will be able to replace not only individual components, but almost any part in a laptop, including a screen, keyboard, protective panels (attached with magnets), as well as create a set of USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DisplayPort connectors necessary for a specific user , microSD.

The second advantage of the Framework product will becreation of a separate online platform where laptop modules will be offered. As a result, Framework Laptop owners will be able to easily select the component needed to upgrade their computer using QR codes.

And the last advantage of the new project will bethe ability of customers to completely independently design an individual laptop based on the modules offered by the company. In this case, the user will independently be able to choose the preferred operating system, such as, for example, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro or one of the Linux distributions. The founder of the company said that orders for the supply of the Framework Laptop could be placed this spring. Meanwhile, he did not name specific prices for the products, noting that the cost would be comparable to similar popular computer systems sold on the market.

Source: theverge