Unsinkable BQ-2439 Bobber

The company BQ has released a button with the funny name BQ-2439 Bobber. Beaver has nothing to do with it, but the name still says. Translated “Bobber” means “float”. And yet, yes, the device does not sink.

Mobile phone can be safely dropped into the water - in addition toability to stay on the surface, it can boast also the maximum degree of protection against the ingress of water and dust - IP68. Add to this the impact resistance (well, we believe that this is so, once the characteristics are indicated in the list) and large buttons, which are convenient to press even with thick gloves, and we get a very efficient device.

Well, yes, not a smartphone. Works only on 2G networks. The camera is there, but absolutely for show. There is a FM radio - and quite entertaining. The battery is not very large, which is understandable, otherwise the phone would not float, but for the dialer is quite capacious - 2000 mAh.

There are three color options, including red - perhaps optimal, you must not only not drown, but also catch a floating one.

Price BQ BQ-2439 Bobber at the start of sales - 2990 rubles.

Main characteristics of BQ BQ-2439 Bobber:

Screen TFT, 2.4 ″, 240 × 320
Micro SD memory up to 32 GB
Mobile networksGSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Battery Li-Ion, 2000 mAh
Dimensions 135.8 x 63.6 x 20.6 mm
Weight145 g
Camera0.08 MP, no flash, no autofocus

Tatyana Kobelskaya