Unreliable companion: drones "rent" the police all the data of the owner (5 photos)

UAVs used for drug trafficking, surveillance and transportation of explosives or prohibited substances, when caught, can tell a lot of interesting information about their owner.

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Smugglers and other criminals usingThe drones are sure of their own impunity, but the chip of each unmanned flying device contains information about personal data, a bank card, and sometimes you can get a drone’s travel map with a starting point, email and owner's address.

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has created a special instruction for the police, which tells us step by step how to remove the UAV chip and read all the information from it.

Data decryption service is required not onlythe police, but also ordinary citizens who were “made happy” by the appearance of a hostile drone in the yard. Given the demand in the market, some tech companies are already planning to introduce special services for decoding UAVs. One such company in Colorado is already training Interpol staff and police officers from the Netherlands and Australia.