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Unmanned vehicles take over the world

Many consider unmanned vehicles to be the future,however, this future is already here. In Las Vegas, for example, some traffic lights taught how to send current color data via GPS. This is used by the Aptiv unmanned vehicle service, which is available to users in the Lyft application. Yes, yes, now in Las Vegas you can call an unmanned vehicle to move around the city. We offer to consider a number of projects of unmanned vehicle control systems, which today seem to be the most interesting.

Projects of unmanned control systems


  • 1 Aptiv drones
  • 2 Tesla not perfect yet
  • 3 Yandex has no competitors?
  • 4 What is lidar?
  • 5 Google Waymo - Not Impressed?
  • 6 Conclusions

Aptiv drones

The project is quite popular and is testing its cars in Las Vegas.

Lidar is a sensor that scansspace using laser beams. Rays, reflected from objects, allow the program to understand how far the object is. Thus, using lidars, you can create a 3D map of the surrounding space.

Yandex is developing two types of lidars. The first is solid-state with a viewing angle of 120 degrees, it gives information on small details around, while the second has a viewing angle of 360 degrees and gives an overall picture. The company also created software that allows you to configure various scanning parameters when driving a car. Lidar is able to adapt to weather conditions and focus on objects.

In total, the scanning process takes3 types of sensors involved: lidars, cameras and radars. The cameras give a detailed picture, are able to determine the signs and signals of traffic lights, and radars give accurate information about the speed of objects and their distance to the unmanned vehicle. By combining data from all three sensors, a Yandex unmanned vehicle is able to more accurately scan objects around, including pedestrians.

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Yandex in the past - 2019 - year received permissionfrom the government of Israel to use unmanned vehicles in this country. The company already boasts 2.5 million kilometers of testing on the roads of the United States, Russia and Israel. This allows them to better train the system.

Google Waymo - not impressed?

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There is another interesting project created byGoogle - Waymo. It began its journey in 2009 and was originally called the Google Self-Driving Project. Judging by the video above, while this autopilot is worse than Yandex, it copes with driving. You can see how the steering wheel twitches sharply, and at the end of the trip the car stopped due to pigeons that were on the side of the car. The project has been under development for 10 years, unmanned Yandex cars - 3 years. Surprisingly, Yandex in this matter is much more effective than Google.


Of course, it’s too early to talk about widethe popularity of unmanned vehicles, however, they are already actively tested on the roads, which indicates the imminent launch. At least by 2025 there will be a lot of unmanned taxis on the roads. Subscribe to us on Telegram and share your opinion in the comments below.