Unmanned bar with robots bartenders come to any place of rest

A few years ago, Makr Shakr releasedrobotic barman’s hand that can mix dozens of cocktails and serve customers without human intervention. The businessmen liked the development so much that they started installing it on board the cruise ships, in Las Vegas casinos and throughout the United States. Now, the developer, together with the Italian design studio Carlo Ratti Associati, plans to implement a joint project GUIDO - this is a van-like drone bar, able to come to rest places and work there autonomously.

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Mechanical roboruki will be fixed onspecial plane, very similar to the classic bar, but open on both sides for buyers and complemented by a canopy. Robo-bartenders will stir, shake, and then pour more than six dozen types of cocktails. People only need time to replenish stocks of ingredients.

To pay for the services of the "Robobar", it will be necessaryuse a special application for the smartphone, which also allows you to order the arrival of the car at the desired point. However, while the autonomous operation time and the range of the Guido are unknown. By the way, the name of an autonomous mini-bar is not only a well-known Italian name, the word also has the translation “I'm driving / I drive / I'm driving”.

In the coming holiday season, Robobars will begin testing in real conditions. To this end, the necessary agreements have been concluded with the authorities of several Mediterranean cities.