Unmanned agricultural equipment will appear in Russia

"Roselectronika" announced that soontime will be released line of automated agricultural machinery. At present, the production of an unmanned combine is being established, which will be made entirely from domestic components and based on Russian software.

According to the press service of "Ruselectronics", forthe creation of a “stuffing” of future unmanned vehicles is met by the Moscow design center of microelectronics at the NIIMA Progress Institute, and the project budget is about 230 million rubles.

General Director of the Research Institute "Progress" IgorKorneev says that the new domestic development can enter the market in the next two years: . There are no particular dangers in the open field. This is not the road where cars and pedestrians are all around. So the task of creating an unmanned combine harvester and tractor will be solved faster than the task of creating an unmanned vehicle. ”

The movement of the combine is regulated byseveral nodes: hydraulic control unit, electric navigation controller and receiver GLONASS / GPS. The receiver in 2014 was successfully tested on the basis of Timiryazev Agricultural Academy. During the experiments, deviations in the accuracy of movement and positioning amounted to only 2 cm

Agronomists claim that the commissioningunmanned agricultural machinery will be a new stage in the development of agriculture, in the course of which the efficiency of sowing will increase, and the amount of fertilizer will be reduced. This type of land cultivation was called “coordinate farming”.

As the CEO notes“Roselectronics” Igor Kozlov, the project is striving to get not only the minimum price among foreign analogues, but also increased characteristics in some parameters, which will give a positive development dynamics not only to agriculture, but also to the engineering industry as a whole.