Universal platform will be the basis for any electric vehicle (4 photos + 2 videos)

Should I re-create the wheel? It seemed that humanity answered this question a long time ago: “No!” But the Israeli startup REE thinks differently. He proposed a completely new approach to the development of electric vehicles, which is that all the main components from the usual place for them under the hood are moved inside the wheels.

This information was announced by the REE CEODaniel Barel outlined the meaning of this new approach as follows: “Until now, the industry has been working on the principle of the gradual improvement of traditional vehicle design. In REE, we believe that in order to accelerate the automotive revolution, you need to reinvent the wheel - literally. ” He expressed confidence that innovation will open up new opportunities for manufacturers who reasonably believe that the future belongs to modular cars.

REE has demonstrated its ownteam car platform on TechCrunch Mobility 2019 in California. It looks like a small platform with four wheels, in which all the important working elements of the car are placed.

Using such a ready platform,car makers will be able to build any type of electric vehicle (from a golf car to a pickup truck). The process of releasing new models will be much easier and cheaper, since, according to the same Daniel Barel, the highest costs for automakers come from developing and testing the platform. “We,” he notes, “suggest using one ready-made version.”

REE has not yet announced the technical characteristics of the platform, or the timing of its entry into mass production.