Universal GPS III standard for all smartphones will be introduced in 2023 (3 photos)

Global Positioning System (GPS)deployed by the U.S. Air Force since 1978. Currently, the second generation of GPSII is operating, operating 32 satellites, the average life of which is 7.5 years. Positioning accuracy now reaches a radius of 5 to 10 meters. However, the deployment of a third-generation GPS system has already begun, which will significantly outperform the previous version in signal reliability, device coverage and positioning accuracy.

Updated GPSIII will be supported onfrequency L1C - civil frequency spectrum compatible with national positioning systems: European Galileo, Chinese Beidou and Japanese QZSS. Using the new frequency will lead to almost one hundred percent coverage of all smartphones produced in the world.

Positioning accuracy tripled(1-3 meters) and will become available indoors. The satellites working for the military will transmit the signal 8 times more secure. In total, the third version of GPS will have 9 satellites with a doubled up to 15 years service life. At present, the deployment of the GPSIII system has already begun in orbit - the Vespucci and Magellan satellites have been launched. In January 2020, SpaceX Falcon 9. It will launch a third satellite into orbit. A full transition to GPSIII will be completed by 2023. Next, the deployment of GPS IIIF satellites will begin with two antennas - civil and military (the first will be turned off in case of conflict).

Source: digitaltrends