Universal drone is able to ride on the ground (3 photos + video)

Developers from Israel showed a prototypehybrid aircraft, able to move by land. The Flying STAR quadcopter (FSTAR) moves along the ground at a speed of up to 2.5 m / s, flies at a speed of up to 15 m / s and uses the same engines and construction details.

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Four vertical rotorsa quadrocopter during landing deviates from the vertical, and the driving force is transmitted to the wheels for movement on a hard surface. Autonomous power is enough for a transformer drone for 20 minutes of work.

A new invention may be necessary foruse in urban areas when traveling along narrow streets or in mountainous terrain across rugged terrain. Drone can sit on the roofs of houses, work inside large diameter pipes and penetrate hard-to-reach places.

The versatility of the Flying STAR comes in handy.rescue work, can be used by the military or in the performance of agricultural work. The unmanned aerial vehicle will be able to promptly deliver cargo of small (up to 400 grams) mass, which is indispensable for providing first aid to victims of natural disasters or in battle. The developers plan to create a whole series of similar drones performing specific tasks. For this will be released both larger and miniature UAVs.