Universal Apollo computer with touch screen (7 photos)

Kickstarter introduces newA universal Apollo computer with a 32-inch touchscreen monitor that can perform various functions from a regular work computer to a gaming or entertainment center. A convenient hinge system allows you to translate the screen into a position of the working surface convenient for drawing or in the mode of a standard TV or computer monitor. The cost of the basic Apollo model is $ 799.

According to the developers, Apollo can playthe role of a standard computer, game console, TV or studio tablet for the designer. In the latter case, the user will be able to use the Apollo stylus. The hinge allows you to rotate the monitor in the range from 15 ° to 95 °.

One of the main advantages of universaldevice is the ability to replace numerous gadgets. At the same time, Apollo has high technical capabilities based on the hardware provided by the Intel core.
The monitor has a resolution of 3840 × 2160

On the back of the Apollo are two connectorsHDMI, monitor connector and 2 USB ports. The computer has two microphones that allow you to conduct video conferences, record voice messages or work with a voice assistant. A front camera is also provided, providing the ability to video calls.

The monitor has a thickness of only 11 mm, the computer is controlled by Microsoft Windows 10 Professional. The price of Apollo, depending on the configuration, is from 799 to 2600 dollars.

Source: kickstarter