Unisoc Tiger T7520: 5G-processor of top characteristics from the manufacturer of chipsets for budget

The name UNISOC should no longer be associated exclusively with weak processors for the most inexpensive smartphones. The company released its own chipset with support for 5G networks.

Unisoc Tiger T7520 has an integrated5G-modem, which distinguishes it from the combined solutions in terms of energy efficiency. The second important plus, striking the same goal is the use of the 6-nanometer process technology. EUV technology used by the company provides a good balance of cost, performance and energy consumption.

Chipset architecture: four ARM Cortex-A76 cores and four ARM Cortex-A55 cores, graphics system - ARM Mali-G57.

Unisoc Tiger T7520 integrates new NPUgenerations better at supporting complex AI applications in high-performance, low-power modes. The processor is able to work with ultra-high resolution cameras, including several at once.
The Tiger T7520 supports displays with refresh rates up to 120 Hz and also offers full-channel full-format rendering of HDR up to 4K HDR 10+.

Finally, it promises to be not particularly expensive, which portends the emergence of relatively budget smartphones, to the eyeballs stuffed with options that are at the peak of progress.


Tatyana Kobelskaya