Under Koplak - the Moscow government will collect additional personal data of Muscovites about children and income in one database

Innovation planned by the Moscow mayor's officeis estimated at 185 million rubles and will affect the modernization of the personal data storage system of Muscovites. In addition to the already existing personal data of residents of the capital, the new system will collect information not only about the documents of Muscovites, but also data on real income, actual place of residence, the presence of relatives, the progress of children in educational institutions, as well as data on pets.

The main goal of the innovation will be, according toauthors of the initiative, increasing the efficiency of the provision of public services by collecting a variety of information in one place. Meanwhile, according to experts, the concentration of information may pose a potential threat to the disclosure of confidential data on Muscovites.

Late last year, December 30, Departmentinformation technology (DIT) of the capital announced a tender for the search for a contractor capable of modernizing the state information system "Centralized maintenance of the applicant's profile" (GIS TsVPZ). The results of the tender will be announced on February 1, and the modernization will be given 8 months.

In the new system, in addition to passport numbers, SNILS,TIN, OMS policy and other documents already available in the system, will contain data on the actual place of residence, relatives, transport (VIN, PTS, STS), place of work, Troika card number, as well as data on children's assessments in electronic diaries , the results of the final state attestations, information on the participation of schoolchildren in the Olympiads, as well as data on pets. 20 million accounts will be processed every year.