UltraSense sensor turns any surface into a touch

The unique technology of a California companyUltraSenseSystems will allow you to create a multifunctional touch interface from virtually any material of various thicknesses, including metal, glass, wood, ceramics and plastic, to effectively turn any touch surface.

The company introduced a series of ultrasoundTouchPoint sensors that have already been tested and are expected to be used in several consumer devices in 2020. The sensors received the smallest dimensions in the world: 1.4 x 2.4 x 0.49 mm, the dimensions of which are comparable to the tip of a pen.

Ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted throughsurface of various thicknesses and structures and allow you to change the characteristics of the surface when touched by the user. Evaluation and analysis of the reflected wave will allow the recognition of the strength and nature of the touch.

According to the developers, the new technologywill allow replacing mechanical buttons on devices and switch to using controls using virtual buttons and gestures. It is noteworthy that the new technology will not only allow the use of various materials, but also make the surface immune to moisture, grease and other contaminants.

Source: ultrasensesys