Ultra-white paint can replace conditioners (2 photos)

Over the past decades, the average temperaturethe planet is steadily increasing, which is due to a number of factors, including human life. Rising temperatures require more and more air conditioning systems to be installed in homes, requiring more electricity, the generation of which leads to the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere that contribute to climate change.

Breaking this vicious circle can be simple, butan effective invention of American scientists, based on the property of white painted surfaces, to reflect both light and heat energy.

Back in 2012, scientists from NASA brought curiousResearch findings claiming that painting all New York City homes from rooftops to facades with standard white paint can reduce building temperatures by 24 degrees Celsius on hot days. At the same time, the average industrial white paint has a coefficient of heat reflection from sunlight of 80 to 90%. Scientists from the American Purdue University (Indiana) went further and developed a paint with a unique reflectance of 98%.

The basis of the new "ultra-white" paint created byscientists include a compound called barium sulfate, which is used in photographic paper and the cosmetic industry. To cover the entire spectrum of frequencies of the solar color, scientists used a high concentration of barium sulfate with particles of different sizes, since sunlight with different wavelengths is reflected by particles of a substance of different sizes. In addition, this innovation has increased the strength of the paint layer, preventing it from peeling.

According to the data of the experiment carried out atpainting surfaces in new "ultra-white" paint and a surface with a black coating, the difference in temperature on the roof during the day was up to 4 degrees, and at night it reached 10 degrees. During testing, a 93 square meter roof was painted, and the use of the new paint produced a "cooling effect" equivalent to 10 kW, which is comparable to the capacity of central air conditioners installed in urban homes.