Ultra-fast charge Xiaomi charges your smartphone in 17 minutes (video)

The head of Xiaomi Lin Bin demonstrated inown Weibo-account technology is incredibly fast charging. Super Charge Turbo will be officially announced in the very near future. At the base is an adapter with a capacity of 100 watts (20 V / 5 A). A smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery charges from the new product in just 17 minutes.

Lin Bin compared technology in his videoXiaomi Super Charge Turbo with OPPO's SuperVOOC, the current record holder for ultra-fast wired charging. The latter is based on a 50-watt adapter (10 V / 5 A). For the same 17 minutes, he managed to charge the battery at 3,700 mAh only up to 65%.

Already released Xiaomi smartphones support charging with a maximum power of 27 watts. Perhaps this is only a theoretical maximum. After all, the flagship Mi 9 is being completed with an adapter only for 18 watts.

However, most likely, Super Charge Turbo is notComing soon in the gadgets of this manufacturer. It is more likely that this will happen no earlier than the release of the next flagship Mi 10. Moreover, the influence of the Super Charge Turbo technology on the durability of the battery of mobile equipment has not yet been established. Perhaps ultrafast charging will significantly shorten their lifespan.