Ukraine - operators, messengers, VPN and disconnection of subscribers


The topic of Ukraine remains explosive in every sense, one word, and there is no way to stop the flow

emotions.The word can be absolutely neutral, but in the interlocutor it evokes its own associative array, some images are superimposed on it, and off we go. In every possible way he avoided unnecessary discussions, believed that there were enough of those who decided to score points on this topic and became attached to any event. Emotions were often running high, but now, after a few months, they subsided for most people, the topic of Ukraine remains painful, but life goes on, and now Ukraine on social networks is not as attractive as before.


Falling interest in the topic of Ukraine in socialnetworks occurred 22 times from the peak, since June 1 it has intensified even more, as Western countries are actively promoting their agenda, the month of pride has begun. In June, they support the rights of sexual minorities, the main budgets go to this, and the topic of Ukraine has left the front pages of the world media. In the modern world, live demonstrations of hostilities quickly become boring, for a sophisticated Hollywood viewer there is not enough entertainment, and strong irritants quickly used by propaganda stop working.

At the end of February, the exodus of Ukrainian media began withRussian market, blogs and bloggers focused on the huge Russian market, as it gave views and, most importantly, brought money. The Russian language became dangerous, and therefore there was a reorientation of Ukrainian authors to Ukrainian. There was any motivation, but usually there was always an explanation that there is Google Translate and with its help you can read everything as before.

In miniature, we see a repetition of largepatterns, when the main money came from Russia, the key language was Russian, but from now on it has become impossible for most of the media. It is clearly seen what happened next, using the example of the number of subscribers in the Telegram channels of Ukrainian authors, it began to fall.

In my subscriptions there was a channel “Technologies andmedia”, I forgot the third word in the title. Andriy Brodetsky began to lead it in Ukrainian and dropped from a peak value of 47 thousand subscribers to 35 thousand people. The decline continues and it will be interesting to see where it stops. At the same time, in the Russian segment, Telegram channels, on the contrary, have experienced unprecedented growth since the end of February, the influx of audience was huge.


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Blogs not only switched to Ukrainian,they lost monetization as such, they became uninteresting to work. An excellent example is KEDDR, the publication simply curtailed its work to a minimum and refocused on raising money for Ukrainian refugees and the army. At the same time, they tried to write denunciations to international companies against everyone they didn't like. Your obedient servant was honored with a dozen denunciations in which these guys demanded that the companies immediately stop all communication with me, our publication and publicly (!!!) declare this. I don’t know if they wrote letters to “Sportloto” or not, but they guessed to write to the embassies of most countries so that they would never issue me visas for anything. Ideal denunciations, as for me, they always made me smile from ear to ear and convinced me that my attitude towards these people was not formed from scratch. And how many letters with death wishes were written in personal messages and mail, emotions went wild. But now we are not talking about that.

The Russian language is not the only problem forUkraine, a neighboring country, suddenly turned into a territory of fear, where residents are afraid of law enforcement agencies, the army and other people in uniform who, in theory, should protect them. On the streets, you may be asked to show your phone, installed applications and correspondence in them (in Moscow, the police periodically try to do something similar against teenagers, but they do not have the right to do this).

From the point of view of technology, Ukraine has experiencedseveral events that changed user scenarios. For example, now many people, leaving their homes, erase all “compromising evidence” from the phone’s memory, delete the same Telegram, where there are subscriptions to “enemy” channels. Any channel in Russian, even the most harmless, can be considered such. The fact that I have a lot of acquaintances in Ukraine gives a special piquancy to the situation, we communicate even now on social networks and not only. Everyone’s attitude to what is happening is very different, but one of the patriots constantly tells me that there is no freedom of speech in Russia, we live in a police state, slaves and then the usual set of clichés. In one of these conversations, he let slip that he needed to go after the child, leave the house, and therefore delete Telegram from the smartphone’s memory. Western Ukraine and such a scenario of behavior. I spoke with brand representatives who see statistics on installing and uninstalling applications on their smartphones, they confirmed that a significant number of people began to remove and install Telegram, WhatsApp and a number of other applications daily. That's tens of thousands of people every day. A state that declares freedom understands it very wrongly and creates an atmosphere of fear for its own citizens. On Samsung smartphones, the number of those who use KNOX and hide their data there has grown, the audience was minimal, today it is about 400 thousand people, and it continues to grow.

Another sign of change is howlanguage was used by people on smartphones, by default, the majority of Android smartphones had the Russian language. Today, most smartphones are switched to the Ukrainian interface, the reasons are exactly the same - the fear that someone can check what language is in your phone. Why am I convinced that this is fear, and not the actual use of the Ukrainian language? The answer lies in the fact that people, returning home, often switch the interface back, many choose just English.

Many of my interlocutors in Ukraine apologize forsomething that will delete our correspondence: “You understand, this can be dangerous for me.” No politics, discussion of technology and nothing else. But this can become a huge problem for a person, and it is impossible to blame him for this.

VPN use in a certain partUkrainian society is a necessity, since almost all Russian resources are blocked, plus there is a fear that the operators themselves will collect data on where a person goes. An ideal environment for cultivating fears.

It is clear that the logic in the actions of Ukraine can not belook for, but the attitude towards my own citizens causes me at least bewilderment. In the areas that the Ukrainian army left, mobile communications are turned off, and banks stop their work. That is, pensions are not paid, deposits are frozen (we can assume that this money was simply stolen from its citizens). It's impossible to explain. The retreating Ukrainian army behaves as if it is surrounded not by citizens of its own country, but by enemies. Their actions are akin to the actions of invaders on foreign territory. In any case, that's how I see it.

Ukrainian operators inform their subscribers that they will cut off communication for them! No money back is provided, and people are simply left without communication, which is necessary today like air.

As a result, in Kherson and Zaporozhyeregions appear operators from the Crimea, they offer their SIM-cards. Exactly the same as the ruble begins to circulate, there is a transition to it (you can pay in hryvnia, the exchange rate is fixed).

Queues for Russian SIM-cards are lining upin all cities, people buy two or three SIM cards for themselves and their loved ones. About 50 thousand new subscribers have already appeared on the networks. In June alone, we can expect that their number will exceed 200 thousand people, and by the end of summer the number of SIM-cards of Russian operators will exceed at least a million. People will not be left without communication, and communication is a necessary social component in our society, it is included in the basic set of services.

For Ukrainian operators, the loss of suchthe number of subscribers is actually a disaster, their business on this can be considered over in the medium term, they will not be able to survive. I have repeatedly heard that Ukrainian operators are not just disconnecting communications, but are trying to destroy telecom equipment. The problem is that you can destroy servers, individual components of the network, but the network itself remains, which allows it to be quickly restored. This was not the case even in Syria during the most brutal battles, all parties to the conflict tried to keep in touch at any cost. In Ukraine, everything is exactly the opposite. Spillikins №352. Syrian war and telecom operators

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Denying its citizens financial services, communications, Ukraine actually pushes them away. It looks no less absurd than many other details of what is happening.

The above are facts from the area that II am professionally engaged in media, technology, telecom. I am not trying to draw conclusions about everything in the world and put labels on it, I only say what I consider necessary. My perception of what is happening suggests that an atmosphere of fear has been created in Ukraine, which is confirmed by third-party data, otherwise why permanently delete Telegram before leaving the house? It is possible that these people are afraid out of the blue, and someone is brave and behaves in a completely different way. Don't know.

The last touch that he wanted to tell meseems to be important. The Ukrainian military, realizing that they will be captured, destroy their smartphones, delete all data from there, and then simply smash them. Just in case. Unofficial data received by me on Android suggests that in May alone, all data was completely deleted from smartphones in Ukraine 64,000 times. For comparison, a year earlier it was 7.5 thousand times. Such a surge, apparently, is something, which means you will find the explanation yourself. Indirect data well highlight what is happening and allow you to evaluate what is happening. For comparison, neither in Eastern Europe nor in Russia there have been any changes in this parameter, everything is stable year by year.

I understand that the topic of Ukraine is for many peoplecauses an unambiguous reaction, and the range of emotions can be any. This text is not intended to stir up emotions or stormy controversy, it contains facts that seemed important to me and were not presented elsewhere, this is precisely the field of technology and how they affect people's behavior. Please try to avoid those very empty emotions, screams and disputes in the comments, they are definitely not needed. I very much hope that the dialogue can proceed in a constructive way, when we discuss facts, not emotions. Thanks for this. Spillikins №352. Syrian war and telecom operators

About Syria and telecom operators, censorship and hostilities with cameras; YotaPhone 3 - the latest phone from Yota Devices?; Tele2 in Moscow, some thoughts; first Sony Mobile factory

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