Uber will deliver food using flying drones

During the Elevate Summit event, Uberannounced its intention this year to begin a full-fledged testing of the food delivery service using unmanned aerial vehicles as part of its Uber Eats project. Recently, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave Uber permission to test such delivery in the city of San Diego, California. According to the portal Tech Crunch, the first such tests have already been conducted by the company in partnership with McDonald’s last year. Now, Uber is going to launch a wider testing of such a fast food delivery option with the participation of various cafes and restaurants.

“We work closely with the FAA tomake sure that we fully comply with safety requirements. Our goal is to expand the capabilities of our Uber Eats service and provide more choices to our customers literally with the click of a button. The partnership with the networks of restaurants and cafes, as well as our aviation and technological experience of our Uber Elevate project, will cope with this task, ”commented Uber Elevate project manager Luc Fisher.

How will drones deliver food?

It is noted that Uber aims to deliverfast food in very dense urban environments and therefore is not going to send drones with food directly to the customers door. Instead, cloud-driven Elevate Cloud System technology UAVs will be shipped with orders to special locations, from where Uber Eats couriers will pick them up and take them to the customer.

The company is also considering the option where inThe quality of such landing points will be the roofs of Uber cars, equipped with a special QR code and parked near the destination of the order. After landing drone company driver will be able to ensure further delivery of food to the destination.

Why is the delivery of flying drones profitable?

“Our task is not to deliver food using drones directly to the customers door. We will use them to reduce delivery time, ”says Fisher.

In Uber, it is noted that the use of drones will make the delivery of orders faster and cheaper. If the delivery by land takes 21 minutes, then the delivery by air will take only 7 minutes.

According to Bloomberg, the Eats division turned out to bevery profitable for uber. In 2018, Uber Eats received an income of $ 1.5 billion, almost 2.5 times higher than the result of 2017. According to Tech Crunch, the first quarter of 2019 brought the company revenue growth of 105 percent and amounted to 3.07 billion dollars.

It should be added that just last weekAmazon has announced similar plans for the delivery of the company's products by drones. The company is planning to start providing the corresponding service within the Prime Air program in the coming months.

A day earlier, we reported on how the ports of Uber flying taxi companies will look, the first of which is planned to open in 2023.

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