Uber will create an army of unmanned electric bikes and scooters (7 photos)

As it turned out, Uber does not intend to limit itsbusiness development only unmanned vehicles and aerotaxi. Taking advantage of the DIY Robocars event in California, company representatives spoke about recruiting a team to the new Micromobility Robotics division, which will promote autonomous electric bicycles and scooters.

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The goal is to use offlinetechnology to improve the availability of bicycles and scooters, while increasing the overall convenience for customers of the service. This direction will also help the company to promote the batteries presented in December. Thanks to automated technology, bicycles and scooters will not only charge themselves, automatically returning to certain public bicycle parking, but they will also simplify the driver’s work by taking on navigation functions, for example, in an unfamiliar city or area. The function can also be useful for tourists seeking to explore the maximum number of attractions of the region visited.

The new division of Micromobility Robotics,which is part of the Jump group engaged in the same-name rental service of electric bikes and electric scooters in the USA, will be one of the company's steps to create a “urban mobility platform”. According to the Director General of Uber Dary Khosrovshakhi, two-wheeled vehicles are more suitable for urban transport, since they take up less space, but have gained increasing popularity in recent years.