Two-wheeled car in 1967 successfully drove through the streets of the city (14 photos + video)

Car designers work tirelessly onthe creation of original vehicles. A special class of cars, over which design engineers have been fighting for more than a decade, are gyrocars, using massive flywheels for stability and drive stabilization.

One such project was designed and assembled.back in 1967. The design of the Gyro-X has only two wheels, and stability is ensured by a flywheel. Mass Gyro-X is 839 kg, the maximum speed when installing the engine 80 horsepower - 201 km / h.

The car, built in 1967, was foundonly in 2018 in a dismantled state. But thanks to a half-million dollar investment and Jeff Lane's enthusiasm, the amazing vehicle is on the move again.

After the restoration, the Gyro-X was successfully tested in the streets of Nashville, USA. It is now part of the exposition of the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville.