Two-seat sports electric car MG Cyberster with a range of autonomous travel up to 800 km announced (7 photos)

Included in the empire of the state Chinesecar manufacturer SAIC Motor, UK-based MG Motor has released the first information on the MG Cyberster concept electric car, a two-seater sports car. Images of the MG Cyberster concept and its first technical parameters have been disclosed on the official website of MG Motor. It was also announced there that the debut of the car is scheduled for the end of April during the events of the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021.

MG Motor said in a statement thatThe Cyberster was designed as a replica of the classic MGB Roadster from the 1960s. The new car will feature classic MG round headlights paired with a slim grille and interactive Magic Eye headlights that pop up when the car is started.

Another feature of MG Cyberster will be"Laser belt" on the sides of the vehicle and the contour of the door. The taillights are LED-based and integrated into the rear of the vehicle, creating a digital image that hints at the British flag.

The MG Cyberster will be controlled bythe proprietary MG intelligent platform, which will increase the autonomous driving range to 800 km (500 miles) and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than three seconds. The car will also have 5G connectivity. The sports car is being developed by the London team of MG Advanced Design Center. More detailed technical parameters and timing of the model's release to the market will be announced at the exhibition in Shanghai (April 21-28, 2021).

Source: mg