Tunnel LVCC Loop Ilona Mask in Las Vegas, built using high-strength bricks from mined rock during drilling (2 photos)

An original solution that satisfies wrestlerspolluted by nature and most likely cost-effective for the company, The Boring Company uses Ilona Mask, who creates the first commercial LVCC Loop communications system in Las Vegas. Using non-waste technology, the transport system is built using bricks formed from the rock mined during tunneling. In February, the company reported on the completion of the laying of the first branch of tunnels. In total, two tunnels will be built.

In the process of laying the subwayBoring engineers used an original solution that will reduce the cost of delivery of building materials and disposal of waste soil. It was decided to use the rock mined during the construction of tunnels for the production of bricks.

Elon Musk actively uses marketingproducts to promote their projects. So earlier, he successfully offered the public flamethrowers, caps and T-shirts. Bricks from The Boring Company could become the fourth exclusive product from Mask, which announced its readiness to sell building material made from waste rock while drilling tunnels at a price of 10 cents per piece.

Mask brick withstands 5000 PSI(pound-force per square inch) or 351 kilogram-forces per square. centimeter, which approximately corresponds to the brand M350. Also, the tireless billionaire promised free delivery of bricks for the construction of social housing. However, the brick did not go on sale, as The Boring Company engineers used it in the construction of the tunnels.

LVCC Loop Transport System Will Be Created byorder of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCVA) exhibition complex, which hosts the annual events of the CES Electronics Show. The contract value currently stands at $ 52.5 million, slightly up from the original, which was estimated at $ 48.7 million.

Mask's plans were to launch tunnels already inlast year, however, due to the later start of work, The Boring Company moved the deadline for opening LVCC Loop to the end of this year. The full use of the transport system will be dedicated to CES 2021.

This is currently the only projectHigh Speed ​​Underground Tunnels Mask. The previously planned tunnel between New York and Washington stopped at the stage of environmental impact assessment. The change of mayor of Chicago seems to have put an end to the design of the tunnel between the city center and O’Hara Airport. About the tunnel planned in Los Angeles, just stopped mentioning.

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