TRITON 3300/6 - deep-sea diving bathyscaphe for 6 people (2 photos + video)

The tourism industry embraces all newdirection and has recently been actively moving towards the development of underwater routes. Florida-based Triton Submarines is a world leader in the manufacture of unique travel submersibles.

This spring, Triton announced the creation oftourist submarine DeepView 24, capable of serving up to 24 passengers. Expanding the range of coverage of the tourism market, the company's engineers announced the start of production of the world's first underwater vehicles with the largest spherical acrylic hull, designed for six passengers.

The new underwater pleasure boat receivesthe name TRITON 3300/6, in which the numbers 3300 indicate the maximum diving depth in feet (1005 meters), and six - the number of passengers. The diameter of the acrylic hull will be 2.5 meters, and the volume of the ship's main cabin allows to comfortably accommodate 6 passengers (including the pilot). If necessary, extra seats can be dismantled and conditions for the journey of 4 people can be created.

The TRITON 3300/6 cab is equipped with air conditioning,providing an inflow and change of air, which is a prerequisite for the operation of deep-sea vehicles. The acrylic sphere was manufactured in partnership with German companies, world leaders in the production of acrylic. "It is optically perfect and distortion free," Triton Submarines advertised. All equipment is located at the bottom of the craft, which not only allows for visibility for travelers, but also increases the stability of the vessel.

TRITON 3300/6 has a large hatch housed inthe rear of the boat for maximum ease of embarkation. Triton's signature "pontoon" design guarantees constant stability and horizontal orientation of the body of the apparatus.

The power plant TRITON 3300/6 consists of twomain and two auxiliary electric motors with a capacity of 12.5 kW. Control is carried out using a simple joystick. The maximum underwater speed is 5.5 km / h or 3 knots. Rechargeable batteries and air conditioners provide up to 10 hours of snorkeling. The beauty of the underwater world will help you enjoy a 20 thousand lumen illumination spotlight.

When fully loaded, the TRITON 3300/6 has a mass11,000 kg, and a length of 4.55 meters. For exploration of the underwater world, the manufacturer has provided the optional possibility of installing a robotic arm-manipulator. Currently, the price and time of market launch of TRITON 3300/6 devices are unknown.