Traces of ancient glaciers found in Africa

Can you believe that once upon a time, bythe lands of Africa sailed huge glaciers? If we consider that over the long history of the continents greatly changed their location, it may well be. Geologists already have strong evidence - on the territory of the desert country of Namibia, special shaped hills were found, which usually occur in places where glaciers once moved quickly. The discovery allows you to take a fresh look at the history of the Earth.

Hills called drumlins were seenGraeme Andrews and Sarah Brown - geologists from the University of West Virginia. These hills have a very unusual shape, where the earth rises quite steeply from one side and tapers down from the other end. These “tails” point in one direction and make it clear in which direction the glaciers were moving.

As a rule, such hills are found in quitecold countries such as Canada, Germany, Finland and Greenland. Their discovery was a great and unexpected discovery for scientists, but the presence of glaciers could have been guessed before. The fact is that about 300 million years ago the earth, which is now called Namibia, was located somewhere over the South Pole. It was at that time, according to geologists, an icy stream flowed through this territory.

People obviously knew that this part of the world was once covered with ice, but no one ever mentioned how unusual hills formed, said Graeme Andrews.

Using Google Earth and Google Maps geologistscalculated that the length of the ice layers reached from 0.1 to 1.5 km. They also found large depressions in the hills indicating that the ice floes floating above them moved rather quickly and overcame about 800 meters a year. Geologists believe that this is a very important discovery, as previously such historical facts about Namibia have not yet been published.

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