Toyota showed a humanoid robot to conquer space

Japanese company Toyota is known to many as oneof the world's largest automakers, but in fact in the sphere of interests of the corporation is not only the production of cars. For example, recently residents of the Land of the Rising Sun presented the humanoid robot T-HR3, which can be used to conquer space.

In fact, the scope of the robot T-HR3extends not only to outer space. It can also be used on Earth as a robot for disaster relief, emergency relief, in places with extremely low and high temperatures and high radiation background.

T-HR3 has very good coordination of movements. To control the machine uses a virtual reality. To give commands, the operator must sit in a special chair and wear a VR helmet. After that, the robot begins to copy all the movements of the person in the chair. Special sensors are built into the chair, which very accurately read all the movements of the operator.

At the moment, Toyota has not started production,but in the future the Japanese want to put the creation of such robots on stream. In addition, Toyota leads the development in the field of artificial intelligence, so we can not exclude that in the near future the new T-HR3 models will learn to do without human help. Also it is necessary to mention the fact that representatives of Toyota have also uploaded a video demonstrating the work of the robot to the Network.

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