Toyota in space: Japanese manufacturer develops lunar rover

Toyota is better known as a, but for its history, she managed to produce a lot of different devices, among which there is even a robot for space exploration. It turned out that the interest of the Japanese firm in the space sphere had not yet gone out, but just the opposite - it flamed up with a new force. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that it was she who assumed responsibility for the production of an all-terrain vehicle designed to move astronauts across the surface of the moon?

The development of the passenger lunar rover is carried out according toby the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). One of the main requirements of the agency is the great freedom of action of space researchers - it is important that if they wish they can even take off their costumes. Probably, in this way, the Japanese space explorers want to bring the day closer when people can feel on other space objects almost as at home.

It is already known that the lunar rover will be the size of twominibus with a living area of ​​13 square meters, and will accommodate two people. The allocated space is just enough for the researchers to shoot heavy suits. Solar energy will be used for power supply - it is expected that it will be enough to overcome 10,000 kilometers.

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Dispatch lunar rover scheduled for 2029year. First, he will arrive on the moon without pilots on board and will ride automatically, and after the arrival of a human expedition will meet them in the most convenient place.

At the moment, a lot of JAXA agency forces are devoted to studying the asteroid Ryugu. A video of where the Hayabusa-2 machine collects soil samples can be viewed in our material.

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