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Toyota has developed a flying taxi. When will it appear on city streets?

Many films about the future show howcity ​​streets are moving flying cars. For example, in the fantastic action movie The Fifth Element, which takes place in 2263, the main character works in a flying taxi service. It seems that in Japan, a fantastic future will come much sooner than the filmmakers expected. The country's authorities intend to provide people with the opportunity to fly between different points in cities as early as 2023. Apparently, SkyDrive flying cars, which are being developed with the support of the Japanese company Toyota, will be used for these purposes. The development of a new vehicle has been going on for a long time, but an important event happened in early August 2020. SkyDrive, model number SD-03, took off and flew some distance with the pilot on board. He showed himself from the best side and will certainly be put into operation, so it is clearly worth talking about in more detail.

Flying SkyDrive Car

Flying Toyota Taxi

The flying taxi was reported by Engadget, witha link to the Observer. The SkyDrive SD-03 is currently an electric vehicle that can accommodate one person, is powered by a battery and is equipped with eight screws. During tests in a closed test site in the Japanese city of Toyota, the device with a pilot on board rose to a 2-meter height for 5 minutes, circled. The test went perfectly and how it happened can be seen in the video below.

Well, one more advantage of a flying taxi is the absence of traffic jams.

Flying cars from other companies

From more than 100 world projects to createflying cars, few have achieved success. I hope that many people will want to ride SkyDrive and feel safe, ”announced project manager Tomohiro Fukuzawa.

Indeed, the development of flying vehiclesis underway in other countries, especially in the United States. This business, for example, was handled by Uber. The prototype of the aircraft was demonstrated in 2018, but the work on its creation took a very long time. And in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, it almost stopped, because in May the company reduced the number of employees who were engaged in the creation of a flying taxi.

Uber Flying Taxi

Kitty is not doing well either.Hawk, led by Google co-founder Larry Page. In 2018, the company showed the Flyer aircraft, which can be operated even after an hour of training. And all because it is controlled by two joysticks and it is difficult to drown on it - it is equipped with "skis" that allow you to land on the water. In June, the development of this device was completed because the company decided to tackle the creation of a larger device.

Aircraft Kitty Hawk Flyer

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It all sounds very cool - a flying taxi,fantastic future and all that. But I wonder how much noise these flying cars with a bunch of propellers will make. There is a feeling that they will roar much louder than motorcyclists on summer nights. Whether this problem will be resolved remains to be seen - it is possible that regulators will ban flying taxis at certain places and times.

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