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Toshiba's new device drops 13 types of cancer by drop of blood

Today in the world there are manymethods for detecting cancer, which range from a fairly simple MRI procedure to a multi-stage operation with sampling directly of human tissues. But farthest from all, it seems, experts from Toshiba went. They created a device that can detect 13 types of cancer with an accuracy of 99%. And this will require just one drop of blood.

Just one drop of blood can warn of danger

How to detect cancer by a drop of blood

According to the Japan Times, ToshibaCorporation has developed a new diagnostic method in conjunction with the National Research Institute of Oncology (Japan) and Tokyo Medical University. On the basis of these institutions, technology is being tested right now. Moreover, according to the developers, it will be possible to commercialize the method "just a few years after the start of full-scale testing next year."

The latest test is able to detect stomach cancer,esophagus, lungs, liver, pancreas, biliary tract, intestines, ovaries, prostate, bladder, mammary gland, as well as glioma (a tumor from nerve tissues that often occurs in the brain) and sarcoma (a group of soft tissue tumors - fatty, muscle and so on).

Compared with the methods of other companies, we haveThere is an advantage in the degree of accuracy of detecting cancer, the time it takes to detect, and most importantly in cost. The price will not exceed 20,000 Japanese yen (about 12 thousand rubles, editorial note), which is simply a ridiculous price for such a wide range of detected diseases. It is possible that the device will be used in routine medical examinations. Says Koji Hashimoto, chief scientist at Toshiba Research Lab.

The method itself is based on an assessment of type and concentration.micro-RNA molecules of cancer cells circulating in human peripheral blood. The fact is that all cancer cells very often have different micro-RNAs (this is the part of the cell that carries a number of information about its features and functioning). So, this structural element not only varies from cell to cell, but also for each type of cancer, the concentration of micro-RNA in the blood is different.

Diagnostic Tool Developed by Toshiba

Yes, the differences are very small and you can identify themonly with ultra-precise methods, but all existing developments in this area, although they were very close to reality, are currently much higher in cost price. From two to three thousand dollars or more. Here we have a much more affordable technology, which, however, still has to prove its worth in practice. We will definitely follow the development of events, so subscribe to us so as not to miss the most important of the world of medicine and high technology.

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It is worth noting that Toshiba just recently startedwork in the field of such serious medical equipment. In addition to working on a cancer detection device, the company is seriously engaged in research into the analysis of the genome and cell diagnostics in order to detect various diseases. Also, a team of scientists from Toshiba is engaged in "solutions using artificial intelligence for medical purposes." So it is likely that we will still hear about the achievements of the Japanese.

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