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TOP of the tallest towers in the world: they amaze with their beauty and are deadly

The film was released in August 2022"Tower" about two girls who ended up on top of a 600-meter B67 television and radio tower. It is believed that this is the tallest building in the United States - falling from it, a person will turn into a bloody cake. The thriller made a big impression on the audience, and many people began to search the Internet for information about the tallest TV towers and radio masts on Earth. The B67 structure shown in the film is actually known as the KVLY TV and radio tower and is located in the USA, in the state of North Dakota. It ranks fifth in the list of the largest structures in the world. Needless to say, there are many other similar structures in the world - let's talk about them and find out how they stay on the ground and do not fall.

Illustration for the film "Tower" 2022


  • 1 Why do we need TV towers and radio towers
  • 2 Why TV towers don't fall
  • 3 Tallest TV towers in the world
    • 3.1 Japan's Tokyo Skytree
    • 3.2 Guangzhou TV Tower
    • 3.3 CN Tower
    • 3.4 Ostankino TV tower
    • 3.5 Oriental Pearl TV Tower
  • 4 Tallest radio masts
    • 4.1 Warsaw radio tower
    • 4.2 TV and radio tower KVLY (B67)

What are TV and radio towers for?

Most likely, you already understand what they are for.needed, but let's briefly touch on this topic. TV and radio towers are tall structures that are equipped with equipment and antennas for transmitting television and radio signals. Without them, we would not be able to watch TV and listen to the radio. They also include communication towers, without which our smartphones would turn into useless bricks.

Standard radio tower, which is available in almost any city

It can be argued that today many peopleuse satellite and cable TV, and listen to podcasts and watch videos on YouTube instead of the radio. But TV towers and radio towers are still needed - at least for the operation of free analog television and the existence of conventional radio (they are still listened to in cars and at home, through receivers). In addition, as mentioned above, tall buildings are needed to maintain mobile communications.

This is what a cell tower looks like

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Why TV towers don't fall

So that television and radio signals cantransmitted over long distances, the towers are made as high as possible - they can be seen from afar. The height of the KVLY (B67) television and radio mast is 600 meters, and in Russia the highest is the Ostankino tower, which rises to an impressive 540 meters.

Some TV towers, like the same Ostankino,have a very complex structure and are built of concrete, metal and many other materials. Antenna-mast structures, which ensure the operation of radio-electronic means of communication, are much simpler - these are either ordinary poles or radio masts with special guys.

TV towers have a complex structure (the photo shows the Chinese Guangzhou tower)

Antenna mast structures are much simpler

The construction of TV towers and radio towers is a wholea science that requires a huge amount of calculations. If engineers make some mistake, they can simply collapse, such disasters have already occurred and we will talk about them a little lower.

Tall structures are mostly held atthe help of a concrete base and a lot of braces. A guy is a strong cable, one end of which is fixed to the ground with a special anchor, and the other is attached to the structure. Usually there are several such cables - they pull the structure from different sides and improve its durability. Thanks to guy wires, high-rise buildings stand even in strong winds.

Guys are strong steel cables.

Interesting fact: Antenna towers sometimes need to be climbed toequipment repairs or adjustments. For service personnel, they have a ladder with a railing at the back. Every 10 meters there is a platform where you can go out and relax.

The tallest TV towers in the world

Around the world, there are about 50 television towers with a height of 300 meters or more. Below we will talk about the five highest - fortunately, there is something to tell about them.

Japan's Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is the tallest TV tower in the worldwhich rises to 634 meters. It was built in 2012 in Tokyo's Sumida district. At first it was simply called "New Tokyo Tower", but then it was renamed Tokyo Skytree, which can be translated as "Tokyo Sky Tree".

Tokyo Skytree TV Tower

The need to build the huge Tokyo TowerSkytree arose after the authorities decided to convert television to digital format. The existing tower in Tokyo, 332 meters high, turned out to be unsuitable for this, because the signals transmitted by it did not reach some skyscrapers. The new tower solved this problem and the transition to digital was easy.

View from Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck

The Tokyo Skytree is used for broadcastingtelevision and radio, as well as to maintain the operation of mobile communications and navigation systems. It is also a popular place among tourists because there are shops and restaurants inside. At an altitude of 350 and 450 meters there are observation platforms with a capacity of 2000 and 900 people. The highest platform is equipped with a glass floor that allows people to tickle their nerves!

Tokyo Skytree inside

Guangzhou TV Tower

Guangzhou is the second tallest TV tower in the world.It was built in 2009 in the Chinese city of the same name and rises to 600 meters. The main feature of this high-rise structure is a mesh shell made of thick steel pipes.

Can't miss the Guangzhou TV Tower

Guangzhou TV Tower Designed for Broadcastingtelevision and radio broadcasts. It is also visited by tourists to enjoy the panoramic view of Guangzhou. It is visited daily by up to 10,000 people who have access to observation platforms at an altitude of 33, 116, 168 and 449 meters. There is also a platform at a height of 488 meters - it is not glazed, so it is hardly suitable for people with a fear of heights. Also, the Guangzhou Tower has several restaurants that rotate around its axis.

Guangzhou TV Tower turns beautiful colors at night

Observation decks in the Guangzhou TV tower are located on rails

CN Tower

The CN Tower is a television tower located in Toronto,largest city in Canada. It was built in 1975 and, like the previous towers, is used for communication and as an observation platform. The height of the CN Tower is 553 meters. The top floors of the Toronto icon house a revolving restaurant, an observation deck and a space observatory.

CN Tower in Canada

CN Tower Observation Deck

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Ostankino TV Tower

The Ostankino television tower was built in 1967 in the Ostankino district of Moscow. Its height is 540 meters, and it is considered the tallest building not only in Russia, but throughout Europe.

Ostankino TV tower transmits digital channelstelevision and radio broadcasts. At an altitude of 328-334 meters there is a revolving restaurant "Seventh Heaven". The most important observation deck of Ostankino is located at an altitude of 337 meters. Few people know about this, but there are also sites with a good view of Moscow at the heights of 147 and 269 meters.

Ostankino Tower

Ostankino TV tower at night

Observation deck in Ostankino

In 2000, a fire broke out at the Ostankino Tower- this is one of the largest man-made disasters in Moscow after the collapse of the USSR. The cause of the fire was that at an altitude of 460 meters high-frequency cables flared up from overvoltage.

Fire in the Ostankino TV tower in 2000

Firefighters arrived at the scene 11 minutes afterfire started, but it could not be quickly extinguished. As a result of the fire, 3 floors of the building burned out, including the Seventh Heaven restaurant. Electrical and communications systems were also damaged, and high-speed elevators collapsed, killing three people. Due to equipment failure, the broadcasting of some television channels was merged.

TV Tower "Oriental Pearl"

"Oriental Pearl" at night

At night, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is adorned with 3D lighting, which gives it a fantastic look. You can verify this by watching the video below.

Warsaw radio tower

The design of the Warsaw radio mast representeda set of sections of steel pipes. The number of sections was 86 pieces, each 7.5 meters high. The mass of the radio mast was 420 tons, but some sources say that it weighed up to 660 tons. The mast was held by five guys - these were steel cables with a diameter of 50 millimeters. The mast was equipped with an elevator, but it moved very slowly and the journey to the top took 30 minutes.

View of the Warsaw radio tower from below

Breathtaking view from the Warsaw radio tower

One of the guys from the Warsaw radio mast

In 1991 there was a catastrophe - the Polishthe radio tower collapsed. The reason for the appeal was an error during the replacement of one of the braces. When it was unfastened, the mast broke in the middle, split in two and fell to the ground. Fortunately, no one was injured in the collapse.

Photos from the collapse of the Warsaw radio tower

After the collapse, another mast 335 meters high was used for broadcasting. At the moment, the wreckage of the Warsaw radio mast continues to lie on the ground and gradually rust.

Wreckage of the Warsaw radio tower

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Radio and TV tower KVLY (B67)

Since the Warsaw radio mast no longer exists, the mostThe KVLY TV and radio mast is considered to be a tall structure of this kind. It was built in 1963 in the US state of North Dakota. The construction of the 600-meter structure cost the organization "Hamilton Electric Company" 500 thousand dollars.

Radio and TV tower KVLY

The lower part of the KVLY teleradio mast guy

Huge mast provides transmissiontelevision signal over 25,000 square kilometers. In addition to the fact that it became the setting for the film "Tower", nothing particularly interesting can be said about it. Unless you can look at the views that open from the height of the KVLY tower.

View from the TV and radio tower KVLY

Another photo from the top of the KVLY TV and radio tower

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