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TOP of the largest photographs in the world. Each person can be viewed on them.

At the end of April, the manufacturer of webcams EarthCamposted the largest photograph of New York City ever. Most of the photos we took were taken with 12MP smartphone cameras, so small details cannot be seen on them. However, the new photo of New York has a resolution of 120 gigapixels, which makes it possible to make out every person walking around the city. This is far from the only photograph of this high quality - over the past few years there have been quite a few city shots that show a lot of detail. As part of this article, I have collected the most interesting of these photos, so let's take a look at them. We will also talk about how such detailed images are created - if you wish, you can also take them. Only you need patience and a lot of time.

The largest panorama of New York


  • 1 How to take a high-quality photo?
  • 2 The largest panorama of New York
  • 3 Panorama of Tokyo
  • 4 Round Lake Village Panorama
  • 5 Utah National Park Panorama
  • 6 Shanghai Panorama

How to take a quality photo?

Let's immediately agree that under "quality" inThis article means high detail. It may seem that taking such photographs requires very powerful cameras that weigh tens of kilograms and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But no - the pictures listed below (except for the first one) were taken with professional cameras, which can be bought in most electronics stores. High detail was obtained due to the fact that photographers took thousands of shots from different parts of the city landscape and stitched them together over several months. For example, one of the images below is composed of 70,000 photographs. The creators of these creations seem to have a lot of patience.

Panoramas are composed of many different photographs

The largest panorama of New York

Photo of New York City taken by EarthCamhas a resolution of 120 gigapixels. Unlike all other images of this kind, far from the simplest camera was used to create this frame. The company armed itself with the GigapixelCam X80, which was originally designed to take 80-gigapixel images. However, according to PetaPixel, the company has outdone itself.

Tokyo panorama

View the panorama of Tokyo

Round Lake Village Panorama

And the next photo proves thata detailed shot can be made without climbing skyscrapers. In 2010, photographer Alfred Zhao traveled to the village of Round Lake, Illinois and photographed the backyard of one of the houses. For 4048 shots, he used a Canon EOS 7D camera. It took two hours to shoot, and he spent about a week combining the images. The picture is not as mesmerizing as the panorama of a big city, but it shows that everyone can take pictures in high resolution.

Round Lake Village

View Panorama of Round Lake

Utah National Park Panorama

In the same 2010, the Internet appeareddetailed shot of the national park located in the US state of Utah. The author of this photo is the same Alfred Zhao, who clearly loves nature. He shot thousands of footage that took up 6 terabytes of space on his hard drive. It took him 10 days to merge them, and it took him a couple more days to upload the huge file to the site. The picture is also not replete with interesting details, but it surprises with its quality.

Utah National Park

View the panorama of Utah National Park

Shanghai panorama

And in 2018 BigPixel publisheda 195 gigapixel photograph of Shanghai. Thousands of shots were taken from the height of the 230-meter Oriental Pearl Tower and took two months to put together. The company does not disclose which cameras the pictures were taken with. I left this photo for last because it took me the most time to look at it. I talked about this photo in this article and gave a couple of links to other similar photos. Happy viewing.

Shanghai city

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